Lighting Reading Glasses Light Car Modification Reversing Plastic Rearview Mirror


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Product information:

Color: monochrome blue, monochrome White, monochrome red, monochrome green, single pink

Material: Plastic

Features: Square

Purpose: Automobile

Category: Rearview Mirror

Mirror type: flat mirror

The difference between a flat mirror and a curved mirror: a flat mirror can truly reflect the image without distortion; Curved mirrors have a larger field of view but some distortion.

Product features:

High definition: Special coating process, which improves the clarity of the original car rearview mirror by 30%;

Anti glare: Advanced coated mirror surface, effectively filtering HID (commonly known as xenon lamp) light spectrum, reducing external high intensity light, and suppressing surface mirror II rewriting images;

Expanding field of view: The 280mm flat mirror provides a wider field of view, effectively avoiding safety blind spots and eliminating blind spots when changing lanes for overtaking;

Safety: The mirror surface will not shatter and scatter, preventing eye injuries;

Decoration: Turn on 3D lighting at night, and the interior space is dazzling and colorful;

Note: This link is for a monochrome version

Packing list:

Plastic rearview mirror x 1pc

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions290 × 85 × 80 cm

Monochrome Blue, Monochrome Green, Monochrome Pink, Monochrome Red, Monochrome White


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