About Sick-whip

I know your car or truck is more then just a chunk of metal that gets you from point A to point B. Whether you are looking for funny stickers or LED lights for your ride or are looking for something a little more crazy life fluffy seat covers and sparkly accessories we got you covered.

going 4x4ing? guess what… yup we have the gear you need to play outside… Maybe you basically live in your Truck for work, and are tired of seeing the same old tree air freshener or steering wheel cover and would like something a little different, well at sick whip, I’ve got you covered! Come check us out!

Are you a company that would like your products showcased on the site? Or a customer that can’t find what you are looking for? send me an email at

Trixie@sick-whip.com and I will do what I can to help.

This is me ….

I am one of those girls that gets whiplash every time I hear a big diesel truck go by, and every time a finely tuned race car makes its presence known on the streets. I own a few trucks and am always looking to accessories them, and would love to see some of your sick rides also! If you would like to have your car or truck featured on this site let me know! Send pics and info to Trixie@sick-whip.com and I will showcase it on the site. Thank you for everyone’s support 😉